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We build relationships with quality firms, their leaders and their advisors, empowering each to compete and succeed.


With a heritage dating to the early 1900s, First Clearing has deep roots in the financial services industry. We understand it. We know this business. Our experience and the insights we’ve gleaned have garnered us a reputation for questioning, envisioning what lies ahead and innovating for the 21st century.

It all centers on helping the advisor do what’s right for the client. In fact, we believe the primary role of First Clearing is to provide firms with the support and thought leadership that ultimately fosters trust between advisor and client. This trust forms the foundation for sustainable relationships. When the client succeeds, so does the advisor and the firm.


Each firm relationship is one of a kind, founded on common interests. Even before forging an alliance, we take time to get to know the firm and its people.

Together, we confirm that both parties define success in the same way, share similar values, and will hold each other accountable...because when both parties have a stake in the game, when they have mutual goals and strive for common outcomes, then a real partnership can come about. Successful business execution depends on it.

Our fully integrated advisor workstation is designed to help client firms and advisors deepen client relationships.

Rich Elias, Director of Business Initiatives